Skjolden Hotel Skjolden(sキョルドンホテルスキョルドン)

Skjolden Hotel Skjolden の概要

  • Skjolden Hotel Skjolden
  • sキョルドンホテルスキョルドン
  • Skjolden
  • Skjolden Hotel puts great emphasis on maintaining traditions
  • while at the same time presents itself as a modern hotel offering up-to-date facilities.

    Skjolden Hotel is located at the innermost part of Sognefjorden

  • where the sea ends and mountains begin. The combination of the fjord
  • mountains and the glaciers
  • offers you a unique experience and makes Skjolden a paradise for anyone who wants to explore the breathtaking Norwegian nature.

    This property offers 55 comfortable rooms that are simple but attractively decorated. The rooms are all equipped with standard amenities and ensures you a pleasant stay.

    Offering delightful views over the garden


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