Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai

Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai(エアコンケーブル/衛星放送付きテレビへアードライヤー客室内の貴重品用の金庫インターネットのアクセスミニバー専用のバスルーム/エンスイートコーヒー紅茶セット電話) の概要

  • 上海(シャンハイ)
  • Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai
  • serving various types of food including Chinese
  • Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai
  • Combining the best of Chinese and western traditions
  • gourmet restaurants
  • refined bars
  • and cosy accommodation with special oriental hospitality
  • this hotel makes it an ideal place for both business and leisure travellers.

    The prestigious Jin Jiang Tower is set in the heart of Shanghai's bustling business and shopping districts. The hotel is located in the former French Concession area

  • home to Shanghai's most exclusive retail outlets and a wide variety of fine restaurants and bars.

    The fully-equipped 648 rooms and suites are decorated either in Oriental style or modern western design.

    Jin Jiang Tower offers you a choice of seven restaurants

  • serving various types of food including Chinese
  • comprising indoor swimming pool
  • gymnasium
  • sauna and massage as well as games or chess room.

  • 161 Changle RoadShanghai 200020
  • エアコンケーブル/衛星放送付きテレビへアードライヤー客室内の貴重品用の金庫インターネットのアクセスミニバー専用のバスルーム/エンスイートコーヒー紅茶セット電話





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